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Thursday, December 14, 2006


This post will demonstrate that we have “Free Speech” in this country and the need to keep a watch on what some segments of our society are saying. We need not agree with these folks, and we shall not be ignorant of what they are saying, lest they go uncontested!

Before Proceeding into this post; I would like to make a serious suggestion regarding surfing, or examining political sites. I strongly recommend that everyone download and install McAfee’s Site Advisor Utility. It is easy. The program utility is non intrusive and produces no conflicts. If it could it would have done so long ago on this machine! The links below will explain the program utility for you, and permit you to download and install versions for both Microsoft Internet Explorer and the more stable Mozilla Firefox browser. Both browsers are installed. and in use here, with the appropriate McAfee Site Advisor Version for each one.

In addition to providing for much more informed and safer searching; the program provides an invaluable feature when it comes to determining what linkages or relationships exist between one site another. This is particularly useful when trying to understand the network that exists on the far right. A simple click and a drop down menu will provide the story for each site.

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Privacy Policy Employment Copyright & DisclaimerPeople For the American Way • 2000 M Street, NW, Suite 400 • Washington, DC 20036Telephone: 202-467-4999 or 800-326-7329 • pfaw@pfaw.org

People For the American Way (PFAW) is a
liberal/progressive advocacy organization in the United States. Under U.S. tax code, PFAW is organized as a tax-exempt 501(c) (4) non-profit organization. The current president of PFAW is Ralph Neas.

1 Purpose

Since its inception, PFAW has been particularly visible in battles over judicial nominations. It has also been active in recent years on issues including school class size, separation of church and state, civil rights, voting rights for
Washington, DC, in the U.S. Congress, equal rights for LGBT people, and promotion of civic participation.

PFAW describes itself as "an energetic advocate for the values and institutions that sustain a diverse democratic society ... threatened by the influence of the radical right and its allies who have risen to political power." Its principal rivals have been the
Christian Right organizations such as Christian Voice (USA), Moral Majority, and Focus on the Family.

2 History

PFAW was founded by
television producer Norman Lear (All in the Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, etc.) in 1981 specifically to counter the efforts of the religious right. According to the PFAW website, Lear was particularly concerned with the growing clout of televangelists such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Co-founders included Barbara Jordan, Andrew Heiskell, and other leaders from the political, religious, business, and entertainment communities.

PFAW continues to maintain its ties to each of those communities today, with such figures as actress
Kathleen Turner and the Rabbi David Sapperstein sitting on its boards. Each year, PFAW holds "Spirit of Liberty" awards dinners, which usually honor such prominent figures from the various communities as well. Recent recipients have included Sharon Stone (entertainer), Peter Lewis (businessman), and Reg Weaver (president of the National Education Association).

When it was first formed, PFAW was broadly bipartisan after Norman Lear had changed his voter registration to
Republican Party and endorsed John Anderson's campaign, as an independent, for President in 1980. Former Republican President Gerald Ford also served for a number of years as co-chairman. The former presidents of PFAW are Anthony Podesta (1981-1987), Arthur Kropp (1987-1995), and Carole Shields (1996-2000).

Soon after its founding, PFAW launched an affiliated
501(c) (3) organization, PFAW Foundation, for the purpose of conducting more extensive educational and research activities. Later, the PFAW Voter Alliance was launched as a political action committee, which, as opposed to its sister organizations, has the legal capacity to endorse candidates for office.

3 Scope of Activity

Today, PFAW is prominent within the progressive political movement for monitoring right-wing activities, conducting rapid response, political lobbying, and volunteer mobilization. In addition, PFAW's affiliated foundation runs programs designed for voter education and
progressive infrastructure building. PFAW Foundation programs include Mi Familia Vota, which conducts Hispanic civic engagement, and several African-American outreach programs such as the African-American Ministers Leadership Council.

In 2005, PFAW Foundation initiated a fellowship program, called
Young People For to identify, train, and support future progressive leaders. In 2006, Young People For spun off the Young Elected Officials Network, which was created to identify and support progressive elected officials from around the country who are under the age of 35.

Another new endeavor is the Center for American Values in Public Life, a think tank tasked with studying and clarifying the intersection of religion, morality, and progressive politics.

The national headquarters of PFAW and PFAW Foundation is in
Washington, DC, and smaller regional offices are located in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, Tallahassee, and Miami. Various organizers are also employed in "battleground" states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. The organizations share field, policy, research, communications, legal, internet strategy, and administrative departments.

4 Leadership

Ralph Neas, President
Marge Baker, Chief of Staff
Carol Blum, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Nick Ucci, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Elliot Mincberg, Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Legal Director
Mary Jean Collins, Senior Vice President and Political Director
Sharon Lettman, Vice President for External Affairs and National Programs Director
Jorge Mursuli, Vice President and Florida Director and Director of Democracia U.S.A.
Peter Montgomery, Vice President for Communications
Barbara Handman, Senior Vice President for Special Arts Projects

5 Other Notable Staff

Ann Beaudry, Director of Strategic Planning and published author
Nancy Kaszak, Midwest Regional Director and former Illinois State Representative
Iara Peng, Director of Young People For
Andrew Gillum, Director of Young Elected Officials Network and City Commissioner in Tallahassee, FL
Deece Eckstein, Texas and Southwest Regional Director, former Director of Economic and Regulatory Policy for Texas Governor Ann Richards
Alisha Thomas Morgan, YEO Network Membership Services Manager and Georgia State Representative
Tanya Clay, Director of Public Policy
Shaunna Thomas, Deputy Director of Young People For and former director of Bike and Build
Robert P. Jones, Ph.D., Director of the Center for American Values in Public Life and published religious studies scholar
Irma Palacios, Deputy Director of Democracia U.S.A.
Kyle Fernando Stevens, Florida Director of Democracia U.S.A. and former Executive Director of the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party
Andrew Stengel, Director of New York Office and former Vice President of Miramax Films

6 Coalitions, Partnerships, and Joint Ventures

PFAW is a member of a number of progressive coalitions surrounding various issues, and it sometimes conducts joint campaigns with other organizations. Some of these projects include:

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Fair Taxes for All

Partners for Public Education

Emergency Campaign for America's Priorities

DC Vote Coalition

7 External links

Official website

CRC Organization Report

Young People For Fellowship Program

Democracia U.S.A.










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December 12, 2006

Wash. Times to Florida Voters: Drop DeadEditorial demands Pelosi tell Democratic candidate to take dubious machine results “
like an adult.” More on voting in Sarasota. #

Military Watchdog Group Questions Pentagon EvangelismTop brass in uniform
promote “Christian Embassy.” FRC’s Perkins says of suggested inquiry: “the true effect, and I believe intent, is to silence any soldier with religious convictions.” #

Creationism: Discovery Institute Not 'Gloomy' about Intelligent Design
Claims group, citing anti-evolution decisions by school boards in Louisiana, South Carolina, and Lancaster, California. See also: American Prospect on the “new stealth creationism” on the horizon. #

Focus on the Family Warns of Human Rights for Gays Under consideration at Organization of American States, the group
reports. #

Veteran Right-Wing Activist Still Has Connections in Ohio LegislaturePhil Burress of Citizens for Community Values
says of Strickland, “we'll have the ability with our friends in the House and the Senate to kill anything that he may try.” #

FRC Lecture on Planned Parenthood“And the
End of Romance.” #

Santorum Negotiating with Cable NetworksTo be “a screamer,”
reports PA paper. #

'Convert or Kill' Video Game Draws CriticismViolent game
branded on bestselling “Left Behind” novels co-authored by religious-right activist Tim LaHaye. #

December 11, 2006

TIME: 'Christian Coalition Fights to Stay Relevant'Struggling group “
showing its age.” #

Anti-Gay Initiative Filed in Washington StateTo
overturn anti-discrimination law. #

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November 28, 2006

Right Creates Early, Extreme Campaign against Obama
Nov. 29: Update appended.

When it was recently
announced that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) would speak at a global AIDS conference at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, radio talker Kevin McCullough was quick to denounce the partnership between the “evil” young senator and Warren, author of the best-selling “Purpose-Driven Life”:

In doing so he has joined himself with one of the smoothest politicians of our times, and also one whose wickedness in worldview contradicts nearly every tenant of the Christian faith that Warren professes.

So the question is, "why?"

Why would Warren marry the moral equivalency of his pulpit - a sacred place of honor in evangelical tradition - to the inhumane, sick, and sinister evil that Obama has worked for as a legislator?

According to McCullough, what makes Obama “a man who represents the views of Satan at worst or progressive anti-God liberals at best” is his position on abortion and his support of “the radical homosexual activist lobby.”

Obama, who in his keynote address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention famously called for
political ecumenism, will appear with far-right Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) to be tested for HIV on stage. But the spirit of bipartisanship in approaching issues, like AIDS, that cross the ideological divide is not enough to tamper the Right’s political efforts. Perhaps hoping to preempt a future presidential bid by Obama, right-wing leaders are coming out unusually strong against the AIDS Day appearance.

Today, McCullough released a press release signed by an impressive roster of right-wing figures, including Phyllis Schlafly, Tim Wildmon of the
America Family Association, Judie Brown of the American Life League, Janet Folger, Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth, and representatives of Operation Rescue, Christian Action for the Preborn, and Missionaries to the Preborn. According to the release.

In the strongest possible terms, we oppose Rick Warren's decision to ignore Senator Obama's clear pro-death stance and invite him to Saddleback Church anyway. If Senator Obama cannot defend the most helpless citizens in our country, he has nothing to say to the AIDS crisis. You cannot fight one evil while justifying another. The evangelical church can provide no genuine help for those who suffer from AIDS if those involved do not first have their ethic of life firmly rooted in the Word of God. Accordingly, we call on Pastor Rick Warren to rescind his invitation to Senator Obama immediately. The millions of silent victims who have died because of the policies of leaders like Senator Obama demand a response from those who believe that life is a gift from God. The name of the seminar at which Senator Obama will be appearing is entitled, "We Must Work Together." No, Mr. Warren, Mr. Obama, we will never work with those can support the murder of babies in the womb.

Also today, Rev. Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council
announced, “Senator Obama's policies represent the antithesis of biblical ethics and morality, not to mention supreme American values.”

And finally, Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition
said today,

Having Senator Barack Obama speak on issues of social justice is like having a segregationist speak on civil rights. Mr. Obama supports partial-birth abortion and has voted against bills prohibiting taxpayers paying for abortion. It is hypocritical at best for him to speak out against the horror of AIDS on children and then support abortion which has killed 50,000,000 children in America alone.

Pastor Rick Warren, who is one of the most influential evangelical leaders in the world, should realize the terrible signal he is sending by inviting a speaker who tramples on the historic teachings of Christianity and the Bible. It is clear Rick Warren would never have a racist or sexist speak at his church concerning any topic. In light of that fact, why would he feature a speaker who supports violence against women and children?

Obama has also been noted for his efforts to
reclaim religion’s place in politics from the Religious Right. At a time when religious voters are turning away from McCullough’s definition of abortion and homosexuality as “the greatest moral tests of our time,” and when conservative religious voters were willing to look elsewhere than the anointed party on Election Day, perhaps these Religious Right activists are reacting more out of an attempt to salvage their influence than any objection to working across the aisle against the AIDS pandemic.

UPDATE, Nov. 29: Saddleback Church
responds in a statement. According to the church, the goal of the conference is “to put people together who normally won't even speak to each other.”: “We do not expect all participants in the Summit discussion to agree with all of our Evangelical beliefs. However, the HIV/AIDS pandemic cannot be fought by Evangelicals alone. It will take the cooperation of all – government, business, NGOs and the church. That is the purpose of this Summit.” Sen. Brownback echoed this sentiment, saying, “I think you are seeing the beginning of a great coming together on the left and right dealing with Africa.”

Posted by Ezra at 5:00 PM

Reproductive Health, Groups: American Family Association, American Life League, Pro-Life Action League, Christian Defense Coalition, National Clergy Council, People: Kevin McCullough, Phyllis Schlafly, Rob Schenck, Janet Folger, Patrick Mahoney, Sam Brownback, Rick Warren, Judie Brown

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Hoping to be the biggest threat to American automobile manufacturers since the arrival of large numbers of low-priced Japanese cars in the 1980s, the
American Family Association, a virulently anti-gay group, has marshaled a large portion of its resources over the last two years attempting to organize its constituents to boycott the Ford Motor Company over its marketing to gays and lesbians. While a planned boycott one year ago was cancelled, AFA almost immediately reconsidered – claiming the automaker had “reneged” on some kind of “agreements” – and began a boycott in earnest in March.

Adding to its list of grievances – such as Ford
running a commercial during a CBS program that had a kiss between two women – AFA cites an e-mail sent by Ford’s “grassroots action program” that urged its employees to vote, and directed them to two sites with information about candidates and ballot initiatives. One of the sites, Ballot.org, describes ballot initiatives in various states and provides links to proponents’ and opponents’ web sites. The AFA didn’t like Ballot.org’s descriptions or endorsements – especially the site’s opposition to anti-gay constitutional amendments.

According to AFA, this is just more evidence that Ford has “elected to throw their company resources behind the promotion of homosexual marriage.” AFA is urging more of its supporters to join its boycott and to contact local Ford dealers.

At the
Values Voter Summit in September, AFA President Don Wildmon bragged that his efforts were having a considerable effect on the company’s bottom line. While this claim is dubious to say the least – AFA’s nine-year Disney boycott fizzled out – the Ford boycott did at least become an issue in Michigan’s race for governor, with pro-gay groups publicizing ties between AFA and Republican candidate Dick DeVos in order to undermine DeVos’s stated support of the auto industry.

Posted by Ezra at 2:55 PM
Anti-Gay, Group: American Family Association, People: Dick DeVos, Donald Wildmon, State: Michigan
October 16, 2006


American Family Association’s Don Wildmon only made a brief video appearance at “Liberty Sunday,” but he took full advantage of it by cramming as much hyperbole and fear mongering into his thirty second sound bite as possible.

They want to silence, and they will silence, Christians. If we don’t win this battle, the day will come when they’ll walk into your church if you say one thing wrong [or] bad about homosexuality; they’ll walk in your church and they’ll shut you up and you’ll be arrested for a hate crime. That sounds far, far removed but it’s the truth.

It is not exactly clear who the “they” are that Wildmon predicts will one day be dragging Christians out of their churches and into jail cells – he might mean equal rights activists, or governmental authorities, or maybe even some futuristic cadre of gay robotic thought police.

Watch the Video:
Broadband or Dial-Up
Posted by Kyle at 3:45 PM
Anti-Gay, Liberty Sunday, Religion, Group: American Family Association, Person: Donald Wildmon
October 9, 2006


AFA’s Don Wildmon says sitting out election is “precisely what the liberals” have “
orchestrated.” Dobson, citing Supreme Court, says this election may turn country’s direction, “maybe forever.” FRC’s Perkins and Ohio “Patriot Pastor” Russell Johnson predict strong turnout anyway.

Posted by Ezra at 11:59 PM
Elections, Sideblog, Groups: American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Ohio Restoration Project, Susan B. Anthony List, People: Donald Wildmon, Mark Foley, Paul Weyrich, Russell Johnson, Tony Perkins, Wendy Wright
September 24, 2006


Guest Post from Pam Chamberlain of the
Public Eye

The Values Voters Summit is in its second day here at the Omni Shoreham, the grande dame of D.C. convention hotels, freshly painted and efficiently handling the 1000+ attendees. National press has tended to represent the event as the sound bite opportunity that such events have become. Planners claimed to have drawn 100 members of the media, and especially on Friday, they took up most of the back of the Diplomat Ballroom, spilling into the corridors and exhibit hall.

It’s more than just a media event, though. It is a pep rally, designed to mobilize committed conservative activists to work hard in the coming electoral campaigns, despite their possible hesitation about the Republican Party. Sitting in the audience, I alternately feel as though I’m in church or watching TV. Many of the speakers are pastors or elected officials, and they know how to hold the interest of a crowd. The audience is knowledgeable about scripture and can quote chapter and verse along with the person at the podium. Repeatedly, individuals testify to their faith from all corners of the hall. Nobody seems to be taking notes, and my busy scribbling makes me self-conscious. The “congregation” is, in fact, an important part of this ritual, feeding on the energy of the speakers and building consensus around a litany of topics, summarized by the event’s sponsors as Family, Faith and Freedom.

The stage itself is a TV set, decorated in red white and blue drapes, with elaborate lighting effects and logo backdrops, two huge video monitors, and a central stage with two imposing Ionic columns and twin American flags. Speakers enter from behind a curtain and walk across to the podium (Dobson referred to it as a “pulpit”) accompanied by musical introductions chosen to match their messages. The production quality is impressively high. One of the most popular events was a 20 minute “talk show,” with the FRC’s Tony Perkins, James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family, and Alan Sears, President of the Alliance Defense Fund comfortably perched on stools, amicably chatting. Perkins was the host, and in the course of the “program” I felt Dobson was publicly passing the torch of leadership over to Perkins, signaling a new era for the American Christian Right. (When talk-show host Sean Hannity referred to Dobson as the man who vetted his bachelor jokes, William Bennett corrected him by reminding us that Perkins was running the show.)

Testifying to how up-to-date this movement has become, the exhibits are media-savvy, with some form of CD, DVD or web-related handout in every booth. Rev. Donald Wildmon, whose ministry consists of boycotts of corporations his American Family Association perceives as being gay friendly -- like Ford – says he can mobilize 380,000 emails, representing ten percent of his database, in a matter of days. The organizers may have thought they were introducing Wildmon to their audience, since he was given the podium at a special luncheon to describe his 150 person outfit in Tupelo, MS. But when he asked how many were already on his email alert list, a good 40% raised their hands. His hard-edged brand of non-apologetic gay-bashing apparently has already been accepted by supporters of the FRC who were simultaneously being asked by other speakers to show their compassionate sides.

The Shoreham is not the only institution here with a face lift. This wing of the Christian Right is positioning itself to influence elections and win both the war on terrorism and the war on liberal culture.

Posted by publiceye at 9:35 AM
Values Voter Summit, Groups: Alliance Defense Fund, American Family Association, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, People: Alan Sears, Donald Wildmon, James Dobson, Tony Perkins

Duncan Hunter
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Grover Norquist (I have been keeping an eye on this one for a long time)

November 21, 2006


Norquist blames “radio talk-show hosts” who “
poisoned the atmosphere.” Meanwhile, anti-immigrant FAIR spins elections.

Posted by Ezra at 6:13 PM
Elections, Immigration, Sideblog, Groups: Americans for Tax Reform, Center for Immigration Studies, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Person: Grover Norquist
October 20, 2006


Anticipating a Republican loss in November, right-wing activists are already trying to establish who to blame. James Dobson, who cast aside his stated
disillusionment with the GOP to commit to working to maintain its majority, has suggested that liberals or the liberal media are using bad news to “suppress” the turnout of those he calls “values voters,” but his comrade Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, is blaming conservative media.

Yesterday, an article in the right-wing Washington Times, owned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and
much more bullish on GOP prospects than other outlets, warned that conservative voters were “disillusioned” and right-wing appeals are sounding more desperate:

The Republican Party can stave off defeat with a strong turnout on Nov. 7, party leaders are telling the faithful -- but they are finding it tough to sell that message to some disillusioned conservative voters.

"The message hasn't gotten across because a lot of people are sick and tired of thinking the only reason for going to the polls is to vote for the Republicans because they are lesser of two evils," said Tom McClusky, vice president for government affairs at the Family Research Council (FRC), a leading social conservative group.

"Conservatives aren't motivated to come out, is what I'm finding," said conservative campaign consultant Rick Shaftan, who is based in Sparta, N.J. "They see no reason to re-elect the people who are in office."

In an e-mail to supporters, Perkins singled out the Washington Times article as being designed to “
discourage voter turnout”:

Story after story on the elections seem to repeat the same spin--that conservatives are too turned off to turn out the vote. With headlines like "
Conservative Voters Likely to Stay Home," many of the press seem to be hoping for a self-fulfilling prophecy. But the truth is, these articles aren't intended to get the facts straight or to talk about the broader cultural issues of moral decline that have given rise to the recent scandals. They're meant to discourage voter turnout--plain and simple.

Meanwhile, in today’s Washington Times, other right-wing leaders fired back, promising that the “base” would come out. Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist called them “

Top Republican Party supporters yesterday accused fellow conservatives of "whining" in response to complaints from activists worried that grass-roots Republican voters are disillusioned and will stay home on Nov. 7.

Grover Norquist, a close associate of White House political strategist Karl Rove, (THE DEMAGOGUE DUO-Ed. Note), dismissed concerns about voter turnout as empty threats. "There are always in every election cycle self-appointed conservative leaders who announce, 'You haven't done enough for me, so my troops are staying home,' " Mr. Norquist said.” The National Rifle Association, Americans for Tax Reform, the [National] Right to Life Committee -- the groups that actually put lead on the target and who do stuff all the time, they're not unhappy," Mr. Norquist said. "The people who are whining are the guys that don't have grass roots that they can actually move. So they are frustrated, and they don't have anything to do other than threaten not to participate."

And Norquist also
dismissed Perkins explanation that the Foley scandal is responsible for turning off his constituency:

Over the summer, Congress held a rush of votes on just those issues — an election-year ritual intended to motivate those voters — and in an interview last week Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council, said he believed it had begun to revive some grass-roots enthusiasm. “But the Foley scandal just let the air out of the tires,” Mr. Perkins said.

Others dismissed the Foley scandal as largely irrelevant outside of Mr. Foley’s district. Several conservatives said Republican incumbents were using it as a scapegoat. “It will make you feel better to say, I didn’t lose the election; Foley lost it for me,” said Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Your wife and kids will believe it.”

As David Keene, president of the
American Conservative Union, told the New York Times, “It is one of those rare defeats that will have many fathers. And they will all be somebody else.”

Posted by Ezra at 6:00 PM
American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, People: David Keene, Grover Norquist, James Dobson, Mark Foley, Tony Perkins
October 13, 2006


Senate report implicates Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, National Center for Public Policy Research, Daniel Lapin’s Toward Tradition, Citizens Against Government Waste, and Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, founded by Norquist and Interior Sec. Gale Norton.

Posted by Ezra at 6:06 PM
Politics, Right Wing, Sideblog, Groups: Americans for Tax Reform, Citizens Against Government Waste, National Center for Public Policy Research, Toward Tradition, People: Daniel Lapin, Grover Norquist
September 26, 2006


In ballot initiatives and legislature, eminent domain reform is
coupled with unusual anti-regulation measures.

Posted by Ezra at 5:44 PM
Budget & Taxes, Miscellaneous, Sideblog, Groups: Americans for Limited Government, Americans for Tax Reform, People: Grover Norquist, Howard Rich
August 31, 2006


Maybe he just wants all of us to be

Posted by Ezra at 11:58 PM
First Amendment, Sideblog, Group: Americans for Tax Reform, Person: Grover Norquist
July 10, 2006


Speaking at an American Prospect breakfast, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and the dean of D.C.’s right-wing coalition, offers
his interpretation of the Republican Party’s problem appealing to gay and lesbian voters:

Ellen Ratner (Talk Radio News Service): The Republicans in Ohio are saying the gay marriage vote is essentially what won them the last election. The President has pushed this gay marriage amendment, the Senate has. Yet you say people have individual rights. They seem to have a very different view of gays.

Norquist: There’s a very interesting question on … I speak to the Log Cabin Republicans and work with them on a whole host of issues … the Human Rights Campaign on certain things … so I get trashed from time to time by some of my friends. I think it’s a mistake to write off any group. I was in Romania, they’re having elections in four weeks, and I was organizing the non-communists. And I had them write on a blackboard Who’s Voting for Us, Who’s Voting for Them. And they had to list … understand why everybody was. They had the gypsies voting for the communists, and I said, “OK, I get why the Communists are voting for the Communists, and the Army and the police and the guys with government jobs, but why the gypsies?” If I were a gypsy I’d want to live outside touchy-feely U.S. law, much less harsher communist law. And they said, “Well, the communists buy them liquor and then they vote for them.” And I said, “We can do this; George Washington did this, it’s OK.” And they said, “No, the gypsies are scum and we won’t talk to them.” And I said, “OK, I guess you’re not getting the gypsy vote then.” In politics you want to have as few gypsies as possible, as few groups and people who are not voting for you because you’re not talking to them.

He adds later that he has “never have seen numbers which suggest that speaking harshly about gays is a vote winner.”

While Norquist helps to hold together the economic and social wings of the Right, The Washington Post
reports on fractures developing in Norquist’s group over his involvement in the Jack Abramoff scandal. While he continues leading his Wednesday meetings, “where officials of conservative organizations, activists and lobbyists gather with Republican politicians to swap notes, make plans and coordinate messages,”

Some social conservatives who have jousted with him over his more libertarian views on the regulation of television and its depictions of violence and depravity are exploiting his weakness to press their positions on Capitol Hill. Security-minded defense hawks who for years have questioned his ties to Muslim activists are resurrecting charges that Norquist has turned a blind eye to terrorist sympathizers.

Despite his troubles, The Post reports, “apparatus he has created for conservatives -- with fundraisers, social dinners and weekly meetings not just in Washington but in 43 states and even Europe -- has become too important to destroy.”

Posted by Ezra at 2:52 PM
Right Wing, Person: Grover Norquist
June 30, 2006


Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform is defending himself from allegations contained in the recent Senate Indian Affairs Committee
report [PDF] on Jack Abramoff. The report says that Norquist siphoned money from transfers funneled through his organization that were destined for Ralph Reed’s work fighting the expansion of gambling for the benefit of one of Abramoff’s clients, the Choctaw Tribe of Mississippi.

Abramoff and the Choctaw allegedly used ATR as a way to hide the origins of the money it was sending to Reed for his anti-gambling work, because “Ralph Reed did not want to be paid directly by a tribe with gaming interests.”

The committee report alleges that Norquist received $50,000 for his role as a conduit for the tribe’s money, but Norquist insists that the money was just the tribe’s contribution to his organization and was, according to
Newsmax, “roughly the same amount the tribe had contributed to ATR for more than seven years.”

Whatever the case may be, there is one nagging question: if the $50,000 ATR received was indeed part of a routine donation, why would the Choctaw bundle that money in with hundreds of thousands of dollars destined for Reed anti-gambling work?

The report states

In late 1999, the Choctaw paid ATR $325,000. In a 2005 interview with The Boston Globe, Norquist said that ATR had sent $300,000 of that $325,000 to Citizens Against Legalized Lottery (“CALL) … Out of the Choctaw’s $325,000, ATR apparently kept $25,000 for its services.

The Tribe was nevertheless able to continue funding Reed’s efforts. On February 17, 2000, Abramoff advised Reed that “ATR will be sending a second $300K today.” This money, too, came from the Choctaw. Norquist kept another $25,000 from the second transfer, which apparently surprised Abramoff.

If the Choctaw intended to donate to ATR, couldn’t they have simply done so directly?

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Right Wing, People: Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff

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by Peter Montgomery

The Family Research Council, in partnership with several other Religious Right organizations, convened the “Values Voter Summit” in Washington DC on September 22-23. The event, which organizers said drew more than 1,700 participants, was designed to energize activists for the mid-term elections and the ongoing political and cultural battles against abortion, gay rights, and church-state separation. Attendees were urged to engage in political and spiritual warfare against the forces of evil and on behalf of President Bush and candidates like Senator Rick Santorum.Among the conference themes:

we’re at war abroad and at home – against the “culture of death,” gays, judges, advocates of church-state separation, etc;

dissent from President Bush’s war on terror – including detention and torture policies – is treasonous;

evil gays are threatening the family and religious liberty;

the president and Congress should ignore the Supreme Court (at least until there are more right-wing justices);

poverty isn’t all that important;

the Religious Right is winning the culture war and has to win the political war – if not, we’re doomed.
The conference, the first of its kind organized by FRC, may be positioned to replace the Road to Victory conference, once the must-attend gathering for the Religious Right, now that the Christian Coalition is on hard times. People For the American Way’s RightWingWatch.org blog has a number of dispatches from conference workshops and plenary sessions. This memo is intended to note some overall themes.
Perhaps the most oft-repeated theme from conference speakers was the need for people to get engaged in battle against the enemy without – often described using the Bush administration’s favored terminology of Islamic fascism – and the enemies within.Speakers each had their own way of describing the enemies within, but it pretty much boils down to the same group that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson famously blamed for the 9-11 terrorist attacks, in other words, gays, supporters of church-state separation, abortion-rights advocates, secular humanists, feminists, and judges. White House spokesperson Tony Snow melded the two with a speech about defending the family that started and ended with references to the 9-11 terror attacks.

A number of speakers framed the current political debates as not just about partisan politics, or even differences of opinion on the Constitution and public policy issues, but as a spiritual battle of good vs. evil, where they are not just fighting Ted Kennedy and the liberal media, but the forces of darkness and the powers and principalities. One speaker suggested that the anti-Christ is gay and Satan himself was behind the gay-rights movement.

Advocates for separation of church and state were frequent targets from speakers who portrayed separation as an attack on religious liberty. Bishop Wellington Boone seemed to long for the days before the Constitution’s ban on a religious test for public office. He read from what he described as an 18th century constitution for Delaware, which required all office holders to pledge fealty to a Christian creed. He mocked the idea that someone running for Congress would not be “biblically based.” “How can someone that doesn’t feel the need for God lead me?”

Speakers got loud ovations when they defended the Bush administration’s detention and interrogation policies, and showed impatience with congressional debates over the Geneva conventions. At Friday night’s session, Gary Bauer and Ann Coulter both mocked concerns about mistreatment of detainees at Guantánamo. Bauer particularly seemed to take offense at the very notion that detainees would be treated humanely, which he suggested sends a signal of weakness to our enemies. Bill Bennett endorsed water boarding and complained that the Bush administration has been too tentative in the war on terror – he said Fallujah should have been leveled after four Americans were killed and dragged through the streets, citing Hiroshima and Nagasaki as precedent.

Rev. Dr. John Guest, a Pennsylvania pastor, said he had preached from his pulpit that “it is treacherous and traitorous to be condemning, belittling, and bringing down our president in a time of war.” Sean Hannity cited pre-World War II appeasers of Adolf Hitler when criticizing those he deems insufficiently supportive of President Bush. Coulter called the war in Iraq a “magnificent success” and dismissed concerns about conditions there raised by “the treason lobby.”


This conference was full-throated in its contempt for gays and the gay-rights movement. People didn’t even bother with the traditional “hate the sin, love the sinner” rhetoric. Instead, the gay rights movement was described as a clear and present danger to religious liberty (Tony Perkins and many others), birthed in the pit of hell and anointed by Satan (Rev. Dwight McKissic). Placing children in a gay home was called the ultimate child abuse by Jennifer Giroux of Citizens for Community Values. Bishop Wellington Boone touted a flyer he’d written called “The Rape of the Civil Rights Movement,” which he said explains how “sodomites” were hijacking civil rights rhetoric to promote “perversion.” Boone, enjoying the idea of shocking the crowd, talked about using “faggot” and “sissy” to refer to someone who wouldn’t stand on principle.
“God has not called us to be sissies.”

The quest for marriage equality was described as a direct assault on the family and religious liberty. Dobson charged that gays want to “bring down marriage.” Texas Patriot Pastor organizer Rick Scarborough said, “We’ve gone from True Grit to Brokeback Mountain in a generation. … We’ve gone from ‘one nation under God’ to a nation that is at war with God.”

Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund said the “homosexual agenda” and “religious freedom” are “on a collision course.” Speaking of gay rights advocates, Perkins said, “They know they must silence the church.” Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, author of an anti-gay federal marriage amendment, said “If we have gay marriage, our religious liberties are gone.” Maggie Gallagher warned that support for gay equality would lead to social “repression” -- just as there is “a broad array of ways in which the law penalizes, marginalizes, and punishes racial bigots.”
A video advertising FRC’s October 15 simulcast from Boston on the threat marriage equality poses to religious liberty was shown twice. It featured Massachusetts Governor and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who also spoke at the conference and who told attendees a federal marriage amendment was needed to save children and religious liberty.
The American Family Association’s Don Wildmon bragged that a Religious Right boycott of Ford was contributing substantially to the automaker’s much-publicized financial woes. He was heard after his speech saying of Ford’s new CEO, “Oh, I don’t think he’ll try to do anything. The homosexuals have too much clout.”


Bashing judicial “tyranny” by “unelected” federal judges over rulings upholding reproductive rights, privacy, and constitutional checks was, not surprisingly, a prominent theme. But several speakers took the attack on the federal judiciary even further and urged the Bush administration and congressional leaders to ignore Supreme Court rulings they disagreed with. Newt Gingrich demanded that legislative and executive branches assert their authority and prevent Supreme Court justices from “rewriting the Constitution.” Ann Coulter asked when Congress and the White House would finally start ignoring “absurd” Supreme Court decisions, implying that they should have ignored recent rulings on the administration’s detainee policies.

Retired federal judge Charles Pickering said the “battle over the confirmation of judges is a central front in the culture war” and slammed People For the American Way and other groups who opposed his confirmation to the federal appeals court.
He talked about the importance of Senate races to the federal judiciary. “Jim Jeffords’ switch demonstrates how important each Senate seat is and each House seat is … This election is extremely important … One seat can make a difference.”

Speakers denounced legalized abortion as murder and genocide; Bishop Wellington Boone said blacks are an “endangered species” due to abortion. Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, who has been waging a one-man legal jihad against Planned Parenthood in the state and has demanded clinic medical records, angrily attacked the ACLU, which he claimed was advocating for a child’s right to “choose” an adult sex partner.

He complained that abortion rights advocates were giving money to his opponent, saying “The office of attorney general and the laws of this nation must not be for sale!” But he insisted that anti-abortion activists “must elect those who share our values” to attorney general positions.

Paul Weyrich noted that the polls show South Dakota voters divided 45-45 over an absolute abortion ban; if that passes in November, he said, it will be the beginning of the end of Roe v. Wade. Ann Coulter suggested that the Supreme Court was to blame for the killing of abortion doctors after the Casey decision because it frustrated those who had tried to work within the system to ban abortion.Criticism of the “culture of death” also focused on embryonic stem cell research. A video from FRC claimed that all medical advances in stem cell research have come from adult stem cells.


Tony Perkins made snide references to progressive Christians who have called for religious voices in the public arena to be focused more on poverty. Jerry Falwell quoted from a prayer imploring God to deliver us from the evil of “embracing laziness and calling it welfare” and “coveting the possessions of others and calling it taxes.” Dobson also took a shot at what he called the “left-leaning quote unquote Evangelicals” who criticized the summit as well as those shown in a recent poll to offer little support for the Religious Right agenda, saying he was talking to the “Bible-believing Christians.

In contrast to the defeated and alarmist rhetoric heard at the War on Christians conference earlier this year, which suggested Christians in America were on the verge of being thrown into jail for practicing their faith, speakers at the Values Voter Conference were more in pep rally mode, focusing on the enormous strides the “pro-family” movement has made and victories it has won. The goal was clearly to fire people up for the mid-term elections with a “we can do it” approach.On the cultural front, several speakers suggested that Hollywood is on the financial precipice and is turning to Christians as a lucrative movie market. It was noted that every major studio now has a “faith” division. Speakers criticized the soon-to-be-released Jesus Camp documentary, but celebrated the upcoming A Night with the King about the biblical story of Esther. Speakers suggested that Christians needed to be careful to avoid being used; Christian moviemakers should get financing from outside the studio system so they can control the product, and use the studios’ distribution channels.


Rick Scarborough, who pioneered the Patriot Pastors machine in Texas, spoke about upcoming referenda on a total abortion ban in South Dakota and stem cell research in Missouri. Scarborough warned that if “the people pull the lever and approve of abortion and approve of creating to kill, then we may have stepped over the line with God.”Rev. Dwight McKissic, a Texas pastor and anti-gay activist, warned that positive portrayals of gay people on TV was inviting the wrath of God. He warned that the nation is “on the road to Sodom and Gomorrah” and said “God’s got another match….He didn’t run out of matches.”

Speakers made it clear that the conference was about elections. Rep. Mike Pence rattled off a few crowd-pleasing achievements of his House Republican Study Committee. “I have seen House conservatives stand firm” on budget issues, Terri Schiavo, embryonic stem-cell research. Most of his speech was about his immigration plan – he called illegal immigration the “most pressing domestic policy crisis in a generation.” “Some would say … losing the Republican Majority would teach us a lesson … Nonsense. We do not need more of them. We need more of us.”Paul Weyrich called embattled Sen. Rick Santorum “the most important U.S. Senator in this country,” and gave Dobson credit for taking out Tom Daschle.James Dobson lamented that 20 million Christians didn’t vote in the last election. He said that even though he had been disappointed by Republicans’ lack of zeal for right-wing social issues after Dobson worked so hard to turn out the vote in 2004, he said he is still committed to electoral action in 2006.

“There is no choice because the alternative is terrible.” The Southern Baptists’ Richard Land took it a bit further, saying it is a sin not to vote.Speakers also claimed that IRS regulations forbidding nonprofits – including churches – from engaging in electoral advocacy are being used to violate churches’ First Amendment freedoms. The Southern Baptists’ Richard Land called for abolition of IRS regulations that prevent churches from endorsing candidates.
The Alliance Defense Fund’s Alan Sears said “The ACLU and its allies depend on a campaign of fear and intimidation to silence the church of Christ” – and promised ADF will defend pastors for free. Vowed FRC’s Perkins, “I want the left to hear this … No longer in America when a pastor stands up will that pastor stand alone.”Other speakers made religious and scriptural claims for right-wing politicians and policies.

Sean Hannity told attendees that God sent us Bush just when we needed him.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) attacked environmentalism, saying efforts to address global warming are a U.N. plot to “shut down this machine called America.” He tried to make the point that being against addressing global warming is “scriptural,” quoting an animal rights activist and then citing a Bible verse warning against people who worship birds and beasts.
Speakers also won cheers when demanding a new fence on the border. Colin Hanna from weneedafence.com asserted that “amnesty is not Christian” – while he did argue that immigrants who paid a price for breaking the law are entitled to forgiveness, he insisted there is nothing wrong with “fixing the border first.”

Paul Weyrich may have previewed a new direct-mail moneymaking and turnout theme when he argued that if Democrats win control of Congress, they intend to shut down right-wing talk radio by reimposing the Fairness Doctrine.One workshop presenter elicited some discomfort when she laid out plans for people to use their church directories to build a turnout campaign on behalf of favored political candidates. She moved the discussion along when some people raised questions about her instructions to keep the pastor in the dark and to have people making initial telephone calls disguise themselves as pollsters.

People For the American Way Foundation Vice President for Communications Peter Montgomery attended the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit along with members of the research staff, who contributed to this report

Right-Wing Outrage

A Regular Look at the Worst from the Right brought to you by PFAW Foundation


10/31/06The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has released a report called “
Homophobia at ‘Hell House’: Literally Demonizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth,” which examines the “hell houses” used by churches nationwide around Halloween. Many churches use elaborate kits sold by Denver pastor Keenan Roberts, which come with props and very specific scripts designed to scare children as young as 10 on issues such as abortion and homosexuality.From the NGLTF report, which emphasizes the impact of these performances on harassment and violence against gay and lesbian youth:
Another scene portrays a marriage between two men. The script calls for a young heterosexual married couple to act out this scene. “The wife dons masculine make-up for the necessary male look,” the Hell House Web site instructs.

The demon performing the ceremony harasses them during their vows, asking, “Do you solemnly swear to never believe that you’re normal?” The demon also pronounces that the couple is “burning in a repulsive lust for one another, deceived by the world that they’ve been born gay, [and] are joining their deeply confused lives in this deeply nauseating matrimony.”

The Hell House Web site explains to potential buyers that purchasing this script “will give you another powerful weapon in your arsenal against the homosexual stronghold and the born-gay deception.”Another room is a mock emergency room, where one of the men from the wedding scene is on his deathbed. He cries out that he does not want to die and go to hell. “This is Steve,” the demon says.

“He thought his homosexual lifestyle was everything a real man could want, but now he’s dying of AIDS.” Toward the end of the Hell House tour, participants are led through “hell,” where Steve is writhing in pain among other “sinners.”

The demon laughs maniacally at Steve, shouting “AIDS! You fool! Ha ha!” over and over again as he stresses that Steve is separated from God forever


10/27/06Kevin McCullough offers to WorldNet Daily readers his paradoxical argument that same-sex couples seeking to marry actually “despise” marriage and are “seeking to destroy” it. McCullough’s radio talk show, called the “Muscle Head Revolution,” airs for two hours each day on WMCA, a Christian AM station in New York City owned by the Salem chain. He is the author of a book on “overcoming liberalism” and his online columns are featured on TownHall.com and WorldNet Daily.According to McCullough, "Radical homosexual activists hate marriage because fundamentally they hate God, and the guilt of both drives them to extremes."

… Despite all that their angry-mob front groups argue in front of television cameras to the contrary, radical homosexual activists despise the institution, and more importantly the sanctity, of marriage. That is the fundamental reason why they are seeking to destroy the institution.

Why do
oving, committed same-sex couples seek legal recognition of their unions? In McCullough’s altered universe “the answer is simple.”

No longer satisfied with practicing the unspeakable perverse sexual pleasures that their hearts seek in private bedrooms, they wish to be able to do so in public. They are also suffering from such immense guilt over their sexual behaviors, because they know inherently that the actions they perform are in fact unhealthy, that they will go to any means necessary to try and shut down the voices in their heads that tell them it is wrong.... There are attributes of marriage that same-sex couples will never achieve. But in the minds of radical activists, getting the label and a piece of paper saying so will be close enough. For instance, a woman who engages in lesbianism will never know the joy of lovemaking that creates within her the product of that union – an actual human life. She will never know the security of a true man protecting her from the dragons of the world and providing for her an environment where she can nurture and give love to that little life once it arrives, or the stamp of approval that God puts on such an experience. And because she and her partner know this, they must defy reason, biology and sexual function to create children and experiences that serve as faulty substitutes for that God-ordained picture. So don't believe the angry spokespeople. Radical homosexual activists hate marriage because fundamentally they hate God, and the guilt of both drives them to extremes.

Frankly, the only “dragons of the world” lesbians may need protection from are the like of McCullough --- who seems to know a lot about hate


On today’s broadcast of the 700 Club, religious right icon Pat Robertson commented on the growing scandal over Congressman Foley’s email and instant message exchanges with congressional pages. Robertson, sporting his trademark squint and grin, telecast his best advice to GOP leadership on how not to lose votes over the unfolding scandal:

“Republicans have formed a circular firing squad and they’re firing away” said Robertson. He called the internal furor in the GOP “insane” and added that the best thing they could do would be to say “well, this man’s gay; he does what gay people do and so don’t worry about it.” Robertson also claimed that the scandal would not cost Republicans votes because “the church people understand forgiveness, they understand sin.”
Watch the Video:
Broadband or Dial-Up


far right Catholic group that thinks Bill Gates and Warren Buffet should be reviled for their humanitarian work (saying “they have money, we have God”), objects to a vaccine to inoculate women against cervical cancer, and thinks that Mel Gibson’s ‘apology’ after his “unfortunate relapse in his fight with alcohol,” and “some imprudent comments made while in that state” is enough to say “case closed, move on,” has this to say about the Mark Foley revelations that he was abused by a member of his clergy:

“If his claim that he was the victim of sexual molestation by a clergyman, it only further proves that known homosexuals should not be admitted to the priesthood. Foley's actions were that of homosexual predator, not a pedophile. Homosexuals reproduce sexually by molesting children. This creates a cycle of violence and disordered behavior that creates future generations of abusers and predators.”

The group, Human Life International,
claims to have 59 satellite offices in 51 countries and describes itself as "the largest international, pro-life, pro-family, pro-woman organization in the world.”


Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, used his weekly television broadcast to urge public school teachers to use their positions of influence to both promote Christianity in class and to evangelize to students after class. [Watch the Video: Broadband or Dial-Up]Staver stated that “teachers and public school administrators are essentially domestic missionaries” and that since teachers spend more time with children than pastors or even their parents, Christian teachers have a “tremendous opportunity” to reach children. Staver urged teachers not to simply pray privately before or after school, but to seek to impart their Christian views to their students and take advantage of their position because “Christian educators really have a missionary opportunity in the public schools.”Staver suggested that teachers could work their own faith into the classroom by appropriately framing the discussion:

“[I]n literature class, art class, music class, whatever course it is, in my opinion, that course cannot be adequately taught or overviewed without talking about religion, in particular Judeo-Christian influences on the subject matter … Whether its in math class, science class, music class, in fact you can’t even study music without studying Christian music … so whatever topic it is, you can talk about this. Give the students a good, grounded education and get them interested in religious aspects, whether it’s Intelligent Design or whether its literature.”

Staver also noted enthusiastically that teachers can continue to reach students after the class bell has rung, because they can then “put away all of the secular textbooks and they are totally unshackled at this point and now they can not just talk about religion but they can evangelize as well, through after school ‘Good News’ clubs or other similar clubs.”Staver concluded:

“The key to the future is through the minds and hearts and souls of our youth. If you want to change our culture, the best, quickest, easiest way to do that is through the minds and souls and hearts of youth … teachers, administrators all over the country have a tremendous, unparalleled opportunity to be able to take the good news to the public school. Whether it’s talking about religion and giving a great background about our great religious heritage, whatever topic you’re talking about, or whether it’s actually evangelization immediately after school [in] the public school. There’s a great opportunity waiting for you.”

Staver is not some fringe right-wing figure – his organization is
tied directly to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and Staver is on the board of Liberty’s law school. Last month, he was personally invited to the White House when President Bush announced his decision to veto legislation expanding stem-cell research. Liberty Counsel bills itself as a defender of religious freedom, often defending students who claim to have had their religious liberties violated, but it has been active in fighting against marriage equality and reproductive choice as well. The organization was also, along with Jerry Falwell, a key player in highlighting and fighting the Right’s phony “war on Christmas.” According to its website, the Center for Constitutional Litigation and Policy operates as one component of Liberty Counsel’s training, education and public policy program. The Center is headquartered on the campus of Falwell’s Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, Virginia. The Center “trains attorneys, law students, policy-makers, legislators, clergy and world leaders in constitutional principles and government policies.”


8/31/06Pat Robertson commented on the signing of a law (SB 1441) by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger forbidding any organization which accepts state funds from discriminating against lesbian, homosexual and trans-gendered individuals, calling it a “shocking development” claiming that the new law signals the end of the “age.” Watch the video:
Broadband or Dial-Up.Robertson also suggested that this new law was a sign of the return of Jesus Christ, saying:

“It’s interesting when you read what Jesus Christ had to say about his second coming and the end of the age. He said it will be in the days as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah. Are we seeing that being lived out before us? I think the answer is yes.”

Right Wing Organizations Page

Accuracy in Academia (Sample PFAW Info Page)
4455 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 330Washington, DC 20008
Accuracy In Academia. Org (Home Page) www.academia.orgFounded: by Reed Irvine in 1985Executive Director: Malcolm Mal KlineFinances: $285, 643 (2002 budget)Publications: Campus Report, a monthly newspaperAffiliated with: Accuracy in Media

AIA's Principal Issues:

Main issues: combating Title IX, multicultural education, and abortion, and fighting liberal ideas that are offensive to right-wing students. Asserts that many colleges and universities are openly dedicated to indoctrinating students with liberal or communist philosophy

AIA seeks to expose the exploitation of the classroom or university resources to indoctrinate students; discrimination against students, faculty or administrators based on political or academic beliefs; and campus violations of free speech.

AIA Activities:

AIA monitors and documents [t]he use of classroom and/or university resources to indoctrinate students. AIA’s monthly publication Campus Report focuses on three issues: the exploitation of the classroom or university resources to indoctrinate students; discrimination against students, faculty or administrators based on political or academic beliefs; and campus violations of free speech.

Sponsors an annual Conservative University conference. Recent speakers include: John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, Joseph Farah of WorldNet Daily, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), Lori Waters of Eagle Forum and Conservative Caucus chairman Howard Phillips.

Sells books such as Ann Coulter’s Treason, Why the Left Hates America by Daniel Flynn and Preachers of Hate: Islam and the War on America by Kenneth Timmerman.

AIA has characterized the NAACP’s founder, W.E.B. Du Bois, as the Father of Bad Multiculturalism. According to AIA, W.E.B. Du Bois is the father of the multiculturalism that is currently pervasive on American campuses. This is a multiculturalism that is preoccupied with the negative aspects, both real and imagined, of our own culture.

AIA's History:

Founded by Reed Irvine to monitor college and university professors for teaching disinformation and liberal bias. The group clamed that 10,000 known Marxists teach on university campuses nationwide.

Accuracy, Fairness and Balance in Higher Education published in 1985. According to AIA youth are being indoctrinated on liberal arts campuses.

AIA will investigate reports from students of seriously inaccurate information being imparted by classroom instructors either through lectures or required reading material.

AIA will try to discuss the matter with the teacher to determine whether or not the complaint is valid and to see if the teacher would be willing to make a correction.

In cases where the professor declines this opportunity, AIA will employ other means to call the error to the attention of students and others who may be interested, including AIA supporters throughout the country.

In the eighties the group’s monitoring campaign caused widespread controversy on higher education campuses, eliciting fear and anger among academics and students.

President Reagan’s Secretary of Education, William Bennett, called Irvine’s academic watchdog group a bad idea.

Malcolm Kline was named AIA’s new executive director in fall 2003. He worked at the National Journalism Center for twenty years. Kline has written for: Newsmax.com, National Catholic Register, Catholic News Service, and The Washington Times Insight magazine.

AIA’s former Executive Director was Daniel Flynn, author of Why the Left Hates America

Quotes about AIA:

Accuracy in Academia plays an indispensable role in fighting the political distortions and biases that pass for knowledge on today’s college campuses. I am looking forward to being part of a campaign to challenge students to think more accurately and broad-mindedly about the fundamental issues that affect their lives.-- Dinesh Dâ Souza, author and right-wing speaker Accuracy in Academia is reaching the leaders of tomorrow with the truth about the sexual revolution ignited in the 60s and raging today all about them. This awareness is critical to properly equipping the leaders of tomorrow. Accuracy in Academia is a lone voice carrying the message of truth and hope to a generation that seldom, if ever, is able to access the truth about America's crucial and fragile social constructs that have made us free.

I am proud to stand with AIA as they relentlessly seek to provide to America's college student America's measured and true standard for a free society's smallest building block, marriage and family. -- Judith A. Reisman, a right-wing speaker and author, published Crafting Gay Children: An Inquiry into the Abuse of Vulnerable Youth via Government Schooling & Mainstream Media in 2001. If sanity ever returns to the academic world, part of the credit will go to a small newspaper called Campus Report, which has exposed innumerable incidents of brainwashing replacing education on college campuses, storm trooper tactics being accepted and rewarded by responsible college administrators, and academic and behavioral double standards being applied to the group to which one belongs, rather than one’s own behavior or performance. -- Thomas Sowell, author and syndicated columnist


People For the American Way Foundation Celebrates 25 Years

Democracy is a hollow promise without freedom of expression. The star in our logo pays tribute to this First Amendment freedom, and throughout our history, People For the American Way and PFAW Foundation have come to its defense countless times.
We have spoken out, gone to court, organized, and stood by citizens and communities when: peaceful sign-carrying dissenters were corralled into “free speech zones” well out of sight of presidential candidates; arcane statutes were invoked to arrest unpopular protestors; government whistle-blowers were muzzled and scientists told to steer clear of politically controversial topics like global warming.

Jail sentences awaited investigative reporters who refused to reveal confidential sources.

Far-right religious and political leaders demonized and sought to deny venues to visual artists they deemed offensive or subversive;
these same leaders attempted to abolish/slash the budgets for the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Works by Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize-winners (and even Harry Potter) were banned from public school libraries, classrooms and theaters; and ultraconservative politicians continually undermine the First Amendment and the legislative calendar with time-wasting gimmicks like the flag burning amendment.


PFAW Foundation uses legal advocacy, organizing and the power of the arts to challenge would-be censors and advocate for creative expression as a unifying element in our national life. In 1990, PFAW Foundation represented legendary choreographer Bela Lewitsky in her successful challenge to censorship demands by the National Endowment for the Arts. In 1993, PFAW Foundation forged common ground on behalf of free expression after a Tucson drama teacher was forced to resign after working with students on a production of Michael Cristofer’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “The Shadow Box.” Cristofer’s study of death and dying, set in a hospice, was supposedly too depressing for high school students; the play also includes a homosexual character. PFAWF recruited celebrities like Blair Brown, Christopher Reeve and the playwright himself for a sold-out public reading and discussion. But it was leadership from within the community – including the University of Arizona faculty of Fine Arts – that made a permanent change in the landscape.More recently, PFAWF organized a Quiet Walk for the First Amendment on the streets of New York when the Manhattan Theater was faced with protests and bomb threats designed to shut down the production of Terrence McNally’s “Corpus Christi.” We took on New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani when he decided to punish the Brooklyn Museum for showing art he didn’t like. We represented poet and performance artist Sarah Jones in her successful challenge to Federal Communications Commission indecency rulings that kept her brilliant commentary on the treatment of women in hip hop off the air. We mobilized bipartisan support for free expression in Miami in response to threats against performances by Cuban artists. We have been involved in every major legal effort to ensure that First Amendment rights are respected in Internet communications. And we insist that it is not only permissible, but patriotic, for Americans to dissent when they believe government officials are undermining the nation’s values and interests.

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